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Will Insurance Cover The Cost Of My Roofs Damage?

Updated: Jun 27, 2019

Homeowners insurance is a necessity to have when it comes to protecting one of your biggest investments, your home. Taking proper care of your roof is important to protecting that investment.

Insurance policies typically cover roof damage and replacement in certain situations, but it is your responsibility as a homeowner to maintain the up keep of your roof. In situations such as fire, tornadoes and hurricanes which are out of the homeowners hands, this should be covered under most plans. Other factors such as wind, rain and hail damage may or may not be covered depending on your policy and the roofs age.

Insurance companies look at damage caused by improper maintenance the fault of the insured. Showing proof of regular maintenance is important because if there is damage to your roof this will help determine if the cost of the repairs are going to be covered under your policy.

It is important to have regular roof inspections done by a licensed roofing contractor especially if your roof is 10 years or older. Make sure to have pictures taken during your roof inspection so that you have proof of the roofs condition in case you have damage done due to hail, storms etc. This will show the insurance company if the damage was due to the event that happened or neglect on your part for not properly maintaining your roof.

It is important to deal with minor issues as they come up. Letting these issues go could cause major damage down the road. If you have branches from trees touching your roof, make sure to trim them back because the branches rubbing on the shingles will cause them to become damaged and lessen the life span of your roof.

If a disaster hits, make sure to take pictures and video to record the damage that was done. Call a licensed roofing contractor to come out and assess the damages and get an estimate to submit to your insurance company.

Call your insurance company and find out what is covered. The insurance company may only cover a portion of the repairs based on the age of your roof, the extent of the damages and the condition of your roof prior to the incident. If you think that your roof needs to be replaced, the insurance company will send out someone to inspect your roof to determine if a roof replacement is necessary.

Your roof protects both your home and your family. Taking proper care of your roof and being aware of its condition could save you a huge expense in case a disaster strikes. Make sure to look over your insurance policy and understand what is covered in case disaster should strike.

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Damaged roof caused by hail.

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