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Is Your Roof Ready For Spring?

During the winter months and busy holiday season your roof can get neglected. As the weather starts getting warmer, it is a good time to get your roof ready for spring and the upcoming rain showers that come with it. The first step in doing this is to have your roof inspected. You can choose to inspect it yourself or have it done by a professional roofing contractor.

It is important to remove any debris that is found on the roof or in the gutters. Branches and pine needles can collect in your gutters and ventilation stacks causing water damage to your roof and moisture buildup in your attic.

Check to see if there are any missing or damaged shingles. If so, they should be replaced. If you see damage to the ventilation stacks on your roof, they need attention right away. Ventilation stacks help keep excessive moisture from building up in your attic.

From inside your attic, check to see if there are any holes. Look for signs of water or daylight intrusion. If you find damp beams or standing water, chances are you have a roof leak that needs attention.

Remember to have rotten and loose caulking replaced with a fresh application of weather-proof silicone caulk.

Having maintenance done on your roof and gutters at least once a year will extend the lifespan of your roof and save you money in the long run.

One of the best steps you can take this spring is to call Veritas Roofers for a free roof inspection. Veritas means TRUTH.

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Jan 21, 2023

Roof Repair Plantation company wants the best results for your home. That is why they only use quality materials on all roof restoration and roof repair projects.

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